Event Information

  • Wed

    El Marino Elementary School


    El Marino Elementary School
    11450 Port Rd.
    Culver City, CA 90230
    Tel: (3l0) 842-4241
    Fax: (310) 572-9420


    El Marino has invited us to come perform for their entire school.  
    We are doing 2 assembly performances. One for grades K-2 
    and a second show for grades 3-5.  If you are student at El Marino,
    be sure not to be sick on this day! A fun time is guaranteed for all.
    If you are not a student at El Marino, but would like us to visit your school,
    have your parents contact your PTA president and we?ll arrange for a concert!

"He makes funny songs. Cause they're funny!......and kewwwlll."
-Luke 6 year old NERD fan - Los Angeles, CA
"Jonathan's ability with kids is both natural and profound."
-Katie Rios Principal - Wildwood Elementary
"Great for kids and building confidence What I like best about this CD is that it is very upbeat and listenable." -Sara J
"Great stuff This is exactly the kind of music my kids love. More from Jonathan and the Nerdz, please!' -Hank S
"Great music. Great message Jonathan Grossman helps give kids the confidence they need to to reach their goals and soar over the hurdles life puts before them." -Steve P
"As a performer, he easlily connected with our audience of 500."
-Katie Rios Principal - Wildwood Elementary
The kids left the assembly highfiving Jonathan, Willie, and each other. -Leslie Moody, PTA President, Alta Vista Elementary, Redondo Beach, CA
"Jonathan has a real knack for connecting with children. Great message too!" Debbie Jones - mom and PTA Organizer El Marino Elementary School. Culver City, CA