Our mini-tour (through Los Angeles!)

This week was a fun filled musical adventure.

On Sunday we played at the Zimmer Museum in Los Angeles.  A fantastically diverse and attentive crowd. They shouted out the monster ROARS and belted out the NA NAS for Call Me A Nerd.

Next up was a double assembly for El Marino Elementary school in Culver City.  Wow, what a great group of kids. This school is a language immersion program for Spanish and Japanese. Not only do the kids learn to speak both languages, but they learn the cultures as well.  Phenomenally well-behaved, attentive and engaging.  We invited kids to come on stage and do their best “nerd” dance. Amazingly, we watched as these fearless little kids came up on stage and did a solo dance in front of hundreds of their peers.  Whoa!!


And finally, we played at my son’s school, Open Charter Magnet Elementary.  Each year they do a Fall Family Festival fundraiser.  I guess that’s how they pay for all the great music teachers, art teachers and iMacs (1 computer for every 2 students!).  For this outdoor show, we added drummer, Andy Kamman (Michael Penn’s touring band) and Willie took over bass guitar duties.  At high noon, it was a blazing hot day so our hopes were not high for a big turnout. However, by the time we started at 1pm, there was a nice crowd.  We rocked the nerdizzle.  Willie successfully brought out his inner Paul McCartney and managed to play heavily melodic and syncopated bass lines while also covering background vocals. Talk about chewing gum and walking at the same time!  Check out the concentration on his face!


















Highlight for me was my son, Owen, coming up on stage to sing “CALL ME A NERD” with us!  He’s an official band mate now!






































That’s all for now! Thanks for checking in and I hope to see you soon.


Signing off…




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"He makes funny songs. Cause they're funny!......and kewwwlll."
-Luke 6 year old NERD fan - Los Angeles, CA
"Jonathan's ability with kids is both natural and profound."
-Katie Rios Principal - Wildwood Elementary
"Great for kids and building confidence What I like best about this CD is that it is very upbeat and listenable." -Sara J
"Great stuff This is exactly the kind of music my kids love. More from Jonathan and the Nerdz, please!' -Hank S
"Great music. Great message Jonathan Grossman helps give kids the confidence they need to to reach their goals and soar over the hurdles life puts before them." -Steve P
"As a performer, he easlily connected with our audience of 500."
-Katie Rios Principal - Wildwood Elementary
The kids left the assembly highfiving Jonathan, Willie, and each other. -Leslie Moody, PTA President, Alta Vista Elementary, Redondo Beach, CA
"Jonathan has a real knack for connecting with children. Great message too!" Debbie Jones - mom and PTA Organizer El Marino Elementary School. Culver City, CA